Pos- SPX

To my delight people passing by the School of Visual Arts booth picked up my mini comic of the previews of my work. Honestly, I really didn’t expect people to buy poorly printed out nonsense so I only had 25 copies. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll print out more next time.

Anyway, there was not enough room for extra items to sell on our tiny booth, that was unfortanitly casted at the back corner of the convention, so the originals of these bookmarks up there will be posted up on etsy for $20 dollars each. It’s the originals guys not copies of the originals.


In other news I bough quite a few comics:

They were all good but I loved Beartato by Anthony Clark. He sure is hilarious!

And because I am one of THOSE people, I drew quiet a few sketches for people. They throughly enjoy my peices. Rodgr Langridge gave me a free drawing of an elephant squishing someone and Steve Wolfhard Tweeted my drawing. Aw, so nice!